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Information Regarding Our Latest Hair Loss Research! | View Pubmed Study

For more than twenty years, HairGenesis® has been a leader in pushing forward the latest hair loss research. In the past year, advances have occurred in developing a better understanding of the genetic and environmental factors linked to hair loss. But the most significant area comprising our latest hair loss research concerns delivery mechanisms.

The point being, in order for a therapuetic composition to work it needs to be delivered efficiently to the target tissue -- which in this case is the scalp hair follicle. Working with collaborators at the University of Albany, Center for Functional Genomics, Omega Tech Laboratories and elsewhere, we have developed a highly efficient and proprietary means to deliver our highly potent hair treatment formula to the follicle. Stay tuned as we update this Latest Hair Loss Research section. Exciting and highly positive days ahead!

Hair Loss Questions

HairGenesis® Solution

Built around a paradigm of creating naturally derived compounds and reagents, HairGenesis® has long been noteworthy as the only non-drug hair loss treatment regimen backed with objective, third-party peer-reviewed and published scientific research. The importance of this cannot be overstated. In the absence of such data, any performance claims by any hair loss treatment product become essentially meaningless. Use something provent to work. Trust HairGenesis®.

Male Hair Thinning

Male pattern baldness affects more than forty million American men. The disorder is caused by a confluence of genetics, age and environmental factors. Recently, work in our lab and elsewhere has shown that inflammation in the affected hair follicle may significantly contribute to the onset and progression of the disorder. Our latest generation of HairGenesis® formulas has been designed to reduce inflammation in the hair follicle.

Female Hair Thinning

Although caused by the same factors which have been linked to male pattern baldness, female hair thinning typically manifests differently. The juvenile hair line is retained but marked thinning behind the hairline may leave the balding scalp exposed over time. Maximum Strength HairGenesis® has been specifically designed to correct pattern hair loss in women as well as men. Some of the most successful and happy HairGenesis® clients are women. Many women use the product over years and even decades with great success.