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HairGenesis has been growing people’s confidence naturally since 1994. Our team of doctors has been perfecting the formula since its breakthrough inception. Instead of flashy marketing for substandard products, HairGenesis has focused on giving our 1000s of loyal customers a product that works. If you are experiencing hair loss, tired of seeing hair in the shower every morning, and just want to look how you feel naturally, HairGenesis is your solution.

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Developed Specifically to be Natural and Effective. Created by hair loss research experts with more than 25 years of scientific experience in the field.​


Naturally Derived, so you know it’s safe. Clinically Proven, so you know it works.​

Before And After Shot Of HairGenesis® Clients.

Young Man With Hair Loss

These photos depict the actual results achieved by real people who have used our HairGenesis® treatment formulas. Typical results occur after approximately ninety to one hundred twenty days of usage. It is not uncommon for results to continue to improve over the course of a full year. Many clients continue on treatment for years and even decades at a time. Continued benefits may be achieved through the use of ongoing therapy.


Even for clients in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond, HairGenesis® can represent a safe and useful therapeutic approach to pattern hair loss.

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Safety & Efficacy Backed by Published Medical Research

Reversal Of Thinning Hair

As you can see from these images, HairGenesis® works equally well for thinning hair in women and not just male hair loss.

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Safety & Efficacy Backed by Published Medical Research

Why it is safe

Natural. Intelligent. Researched.

We know HAIRGENESIS® is safe because of a remarkable 20+ years of clinical experience. Maximum strength HAIRGENESIS® has been an effective hair treatment regimen against common pattern hair loss for our customers, some of which have used HAIRGENESIS® safely for decades.

Nature tends to have the safest and most healthy solutions. Other products with smelly chemicals and Frankenstein-level concoctions aren’t necessarily healthy, and some do not have decades of advanced clinical experience. HAIRGENESIS® is all natural to be as safe as possible, while being the most effective treatment science can offer.

Our Happy Clients!

I stopped taking Hair Genesis for awhile and feel that it does help with my hair loss and want to start using them again. I thank you very much.

Jill F. - Makeup Artist

I’m very happy that I have found hairgenesis and that I’m using it as it’s a very good product with excellent customer service, even better than Nisim

Kelly Joe - Sports Athlete

I have been using Hair Genesis for more than 6 years now and am very pleased with the results. Thank You!

Stella Alba - College Student

Hard to believe it’s now been 16 years and I JUST place this year’s order. The product just keeps getting better and better!! I was just looking in the mirror this morning at a full head of hair and saying an extra big THANK YOU to Dr. Geno Marcovici!!

Mike B - Fitness and Health

Thank you very much for your help!. Very happy with hairgenesis, it really works!

Andrea G - Sports Athlete