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Unlike Rogaine™ or Propecia™, HAIRGENESIS¬® has established a nearly 30-year track record free from negative side effect. Unlike other non-drug alternatives, HAIRGENESIS¬® has been proven highly effective under placebo-controlled, double-blind, university-based research with multiple examples of peer-reviewed data showing breakthrough performance published in highly-respected, peer-reviewed medical and scientific Journals. 100% safe for women, HAIRGENESIS¬® has been used by thousands of satisfied clients, many for decade after decade at a time.

There’s no magic cure for baldness

But you can prevent hair loss from happening in the first place.
The earlier you take action, the more hair you’ll keep.

What precisely makes HairGenesis® #1?


HAIRGENESIS¨ constitutes the sole example of a botanically-based hair loss treatment regimen supported with multiple examples of actual critical third-party peer review with breakthrough data published in the well-respected medical literature.


HAIRGENESIS¨ is the sole example of a hair loss treatment utilizing tested and proven 5AR inhibitors, coupled with anti-inflammatory compounds shown to protect hair against damage, and finally, all active substances micronized in a proprietary, state of the art, nano-delivery vector. This renders HAIRGENESIS¨ a unique proposition in the category.


HAIRGENESIS¨ is safely and effectively used every day by thousands of women who recognize the remarkable benefits found in the treatment regimen.


HAIRGENESIS¬®, now in it’s eighth generation of development, is overseen by a highly dedicated team of hair loss research experts. Since its inception in 1994, HAIRGENESIS¬® has followed a hypothesis and data driven pathway towards constantly improving performance. This means that HAIRGENESIS¬® today, while superior to HAIRGENESIS¬® of yesteryear will likely yield to further development improvements with HAIRGENESIS¬® of tomorrow. As a client, this positive trajectory simply means you’ll always be able to enjoy state-of-the-art technology in protecting that most precious irreplaceable resource – “your hair –.


Most frequent questions and answers
A: With over twenty-five years of clinical and research data to support safety and efficacy, HAIRGENESIS® has established an excellent safety track record in women as well as men.
A: No negative side effects have been reported when HAIRGENESIS® is used as directed.
A: Typical results occur within the first 90 days of usage. The first sign of positive benefit is generally a reduction in the rate of hair loss observed. The overall ‘health and vitality’ of the hair may also soon begin to improve. In those who respond positively to treatment, with continued usage, the density and ‘fullness’ of the hair also tends to improve.
A: The most frequent form of hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia, also known as ‘common pattern hair loss’. This disorder affects more than 95% of men and women who notice hair loss. HAIRGENESIS® has been specifically designed and formulated to ameliorate androgenetic alopecia.
A: Because there is no ‘cure’ for pattern hair loss, the benefits associated with HAIRGENESIS® persist only so long as therapy is continued
A: Rogaine™ (2% minoxidil / 5% minoxidil) is a pharmaceutical, topically administered drug with known negative side effects. Further, maximum strength (5%) minoxidil is not indicated as safe for use by women. On the other hand, Maximum Strength HAIRGENESIS®, in a concomitant oral and topical form, is considered safe and effective for use by women as well as men. With more than twenty years of clinical experience, HAIRGENESIS® has also established an exemplary track record for safety.
A: Propecia™ (1 mg finasteride) is a pharmaceutical oral drug with known negative side effects – these include feminizing birth defects, gynecomastia and impotence. Further, finasteride in any dosage is not indicated as safe for use by women. On the other hand, Maximum Strength HAIRGENESIS®, in concomitant oral and topical form, is considered safe and effective for use by women as well as men. Pointedly, in a recent University of Chicago study, HAIRGENESIS® was tested against Propecia™ (1 mg finasteride). This peer-reviewed and published study showed that HAIRGENESIS® outperformed benchmark drug finasteride by a statistically substantial margin. Here’s a link to that study: With more than twenty-five years of clinical experience, HAIRGENESIS® has also established an exemplary track record for safety.
A: There are today numerous products which purport to reduce hair loss and/or restore thinning hair to fuller density. However, aside from the pharmaceutical drugs (e.g. minoxidil & finasteride) only HAIRGENESIS® can back its claims with IRB-monitored, placebo-controlled, double-blind, university based, clinical research. Further, HAIRGENESIS® is the only naturally-based hair loss treatment product line with its positive results proven and published in the peer-reviewed medical literature; i.e. Why is this important? It is important because critical peer review constitutes the gold standard of scientific validation in the medical community.
When a drug or product has been critically peer reviewed and accepted for publication on it has risen to the same standard applied to the medicines you take and allow to be taken by your family. The task of achieving the aforementioned is daunting to say the least. But HAIRGENESIS® can point to multiple critically peer-reviewed scientific monographs published on, including several undertaken in world class universities, including the University of Chicago, SUNY, and the University of Albany, Center for Functional Genomics.
Of late, some products in the hair loss treatment category have gotten wise to the idea that consumers desire actual scientific credentials but instead of undertaking the protracted, difficult and onerous process associated with publication on pubmed they have skirted the process by selecting for ‘pay to play’ journals, in other words, journals that have very little credibility in the scientific and medical community. Such ‘research’ will tend not to be found on pubmed because it does not rise to the level of scientifically valid work.
Here is a link to an excellent article that describes this less-than-ethical phenomenon:
As a consumer, one must become a bit educated because you are trusting the health of your hair to a product line which purports to offer safety and efficacy. So you ought to ask yourself, would you take an antibiotic that had not undergone the sort of painstaking scrutiny which characterizes research found on Of course you wouldn’t! So why should you trust the health of your hair to a product which had not risen to the same first tier level? Choose wisely. Choose HAIRGENESIS®.

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