Before And After Shot Of HairGenesis® Clients.

These photos depict the actual results achieved by real people who have used our HairGenesis® treatment formulas. Typical results occur after approximately ninety to one hundred twenty days of usage. It is not uncommon for results to continue to improve over the course of a full year. Many clients continue on treatment for years and even decades at a time. Continued benefits may be achieved through the use of ongoing therapy.

Older Man With Hair Loss

Even for clients in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond, HairGenesis® can represent a safe and useful therapeutic approach to pattern hair loss.

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Reversal Of Thinning Hair

As you can see from these images, HairGenesis® works equally well for thinning hair in women and not just male hair loss.

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  • Safety & Efficacy Backed by Published Medical Research

I stopped taking Hair Genesis for awhile and feel that it does help with my hair loss and want to start using them again. I thank you very much. – Jill F.

I’m very happy that I have found hairgenesis and that I’m using it as it’s a very good product with excellent customer service, even better than Nisim.

I have been using Hair Genesis for more than 6 years now and am very pleased with the results. Thank You! Dan J.

Hard to believe it’s now been 16 years and I JUST place this year’s order. The product just keeps getting better and better!! I was just looking in the mirror this morning at a full head of hair and saying an extra big THANK YOU to Dr. Geno Marcovici!! – Mike B

Thank you very much for your help!. Very happy with hairgenesis, it really works! – Andres G.

I placed my order! A 3 mo pack. I love this stuff! – Andrew F.