HairGenesis versus the Competition

What are the advantages of HAIRGENESIS® over Shen Min?

Shen Min™, another fairly well-known hair loss treatment brand appears to be based on a mix of natural substances, e.g. saw palmetto & He Shou Wu — and, according to their website is claimed to treat pattern hair loss by purportedly inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Shen Min™ is available in an ingestible tablet and a topical application. The purveyors of this product line claim to based on “Chinese Medicine”. However, a scan of the worldwide medical and scientific research clearinghouse failed to turn up any published research in direct support of the ambitious performance claims this specific proprietary product brand seems to suggest.
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What are the advantages of HAIRGENESIS® over Spectral DNC?

Spectral DNC™, another reasonably well-known hair loss treatment brand appears to be based on a mixture of natural substances used in combination with the drug minoxidil. However, in the absence of minoxidil, we cannot discern any proven data showing that the specific combination of natural substances used in Spectral DNC™ are necessarily effective against pattern hair loss. The advantage of minoxidil is that it is a proven drug, shown to positively influence the rate of scalp hair growth. The disadvantages of minoxidil include a potential for negative side effect. Furthermore, minoxidil, in its maximum strength 5% form, is not indicated for use by women. As a brand, to our knowledge, and based on the peer-reviewed medical literature available at, the proprietary Spectral DNC™ composition has not, at this point in time, demonstrated safety or efficacy under IRB-monitored, placebo-controlled, double blind conditions.
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What are the advantages of HAIRGENESIS® over Propecia?

Propecia®, (1 mg finasteride) a prescription-only hair loss treatment drug constitutes the first Rx product clinically proven to grow hair. Demonstrated effective under several well-designed studies, Propecia® represents perhaps the best pharmacological approach to androgenetic alopecia yet created. Originally derived from the prostate drug Proscar® (5 mg finasteride), Propecia® arose after hair growth was noted as a side effect in patients undergling Proscar® therapy.
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