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Like the Serum, the new Shampoo carries the Trichoceutical nomenclature and is called HairGenesis® Maximum Strength Trichoceutical® Activating Shampoo. Scalp coverage and hair follicle penetration is also enhanced with this new product. Contained in a 7 oz / 207 mL bottle, and designed to be used every other day, the new Shampoo is a highly potent companion to the Trichoceutical® Serum. We have worked hard to make sure that the Generation VI Trichoceutical® Activating Shampoo is the best hair loss shampoo anywhere in the marketplace. New Generation VI HairGenesis® Trichoceutical® Shampoo is a very special hair care product designed to prime your hair for maximum growth potential. Containing the same patent-pending active composition found in the Trichoceutical® serum and Oral Tablets, new Maximum Strength HairGenesis® Trichoceutical® Shampoo is the one to use for those wishing to achieve maximum results.

The word “Trichoceutical” is a USPTO registered trademark of the parent company for HairGenesis® and describes the new liposome-like micro-foaming delivery system which will be employed across the line starting with the Generation V formulas. The Generation VI hair loss treatment Serum is dispensed in a new 1.7 oz / 50 mL bottle. Not only is the Generation VI hair loss treatment Serum more potent, but compared with the previous version, approximately 50% more product is available on a unit by unit basis.

By incorporating this follicle-stimulating product into your treatment regimen, you’ll gently cleanse and nourish your hair, leaving it feeling fuller, thicker and glowing with a renewed strength and vigor. For best results, always use HairGenesis® Shampoo in combination with the entire HairGenesis® Treatment Regimen. See for yourself and we think you’ll agree, our new Generation VI formula is the best hair loss shampoo you can buy.