HAIRGENESIS® vs Competition

When faced with pattern hair loss a person is often stressed, depressed, unsure of what to do, and bombarded by the noise of various marketing claims trumpeting promises that may sound too good to be true. It can also be difficult to distinguish drug-based options from non-drug based alternatives. Perhaps of even greater concern, it can be difficult to differentiate genuine, objective proof of utility from cleverly phrased marketing lingo that sounds good but is more or less factually void.

By way of contrast, HAIRGENESIS® offers demonstrably provable advantages. Let’s explore how and why.


Q: How does HAIRGENESIS® compare to minoxidil (Rogaine™)?

A: Rogaine™ (2% minoxidil / 5% minoxidil) is a pharmaceutical, topically administered drug with known negative side effects. The side effects noted with minoxidil include atopic dermatitis, pruritus and generalized rash. Far more serious issues occur with the use of oral minoxidil and these include tachycardia, breathlessness & pulmonary edema. Further, maximum strength (5%) minoxidil is not indicated as safe for use by women. On the other hand, Maximum Strength HairGenesis®, in a concomitant oral and topical form, is considered safe and effective for use by women as well as men. With more than twenty-five years of clinical experience, HAIRGENESIS® has also established an exemplary track record for safety.

Q: How does HAIRGENESIS® compare to finasteride (Propecia™)?
A: Propecia™ (1 mg finasteride) is a pharmaceutical oral drug with a host of known negative side effects – these include feminizing birth defects, gynecomastia and impotence. Further, finasteride in any dosage is not indicated as safe for use by women. By way of contrast, Maximum Strength HAIRGENESIS® , in concomitant oral and topical form, is considered safe and highly effective for use by women as well as men.


It is in this area that the landscape can seem quite difficult to comprehend. For one thing, many product lines combine the drugs minoxidil or finasteride with some non-drug ingredients - claiming efficacy that, most probably can only rightly be ascribed to the drug portion of the mix. Others limit their ingredients to non-drug based components - yet they make extravagant marketing claims that appear to be almost entirely concocted out of whole cloth.

But perhaps the worst of the bunch are those who purport to be supported by actual third party, validated research. Upon closer inspection, often the so-called “studies” are self-directed, self-funded and entirely without even a hint of critical third party review. Either the fictitious study will be self-published or sent to a fee-for-service, more or less fraudulent, “Journal”. This is known as ‘junk-science’ and is an unfortunate consequence of the multi-billion dollar market available to such fraudsters. Tragically, the loser in the equation is the unfortunate consumer who mistakenly places their trust in a company that promises much but offers actually very little.


Get the facts before you act. Be very careful with drug-based hair treatment products. Understand the potential side effects and do your homework. Make your primary care provider a partner in the process of assessing the various options. The hairs on your scalp, like the dollars in your wallet are a precious resource. Be very careful with both. When you happen to compare HAIRGENESIS® against the alternatives you’ll learn several things.

First, you’ll see that HAIRGENESIS® is supported with more than twenty years of critically peer- reviewed, third party valid research, often conducted by trusted universities.

You’ll see that the underlying hypotheses supporting the formulations have been tested in vitro, in vivo and in human placebo-controlled, double blind conditions. You will find that in all the years HAIRGENESIS® has been sold it has established an exemplary track record for safety and efficacy.

Finally, you’ll see that many thousands of HAIRGENESIS® customers have remained consistent users of the product line year after year, decade after decade. Once again, get the facts before you act. We trust that after careful consideration you’ll make the obvious choice. HAIRGENESIS®