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New Hair Loss Treatment Shows Anti-inflammatory Activity in vitro

Surgeons are faced with an ever-present conundrum in hair restoration surgery when the anterior scalp is restored in front of or amidst a region of actively thinning hair.  This can precipitate the phenomenon of ‘chasing a receding hairline’ with the risk of exhausting the finite donor supply of hairs.

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The National Hair Journal

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The National Hair Journal

The new study, conducted in collaboration between Advanced Restoration Technologies Inc. Mesa, AZ (ART) & Bauman Medical Group, Boca Raton, FL, tested the Group’s proprietary composition XP5a in two previously balding study subjects and found it restored full density scalp hair in both individuals. Based on a combination of betasitosterol, genistein, gamma linoleic acid and lipoic acid, the test composition was carefully embedded within a naturally-
based ‘beta cyclodextrin’ nanovector. Prior to this approach, efforts to use these natural substances were less than totally successful. The study describes the problem thusly “In summary, multiple lines of evidence suggest that without protective mechanisms, hair growth formulas built upon a foundation of natural phytochemicals tend to be denatured, converted, inactivated, poorly absorbed, and/or simply excreted.”

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