3 Month Maximum Value Kit

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Your By using the natural treatments for hair loss contained in your HairGenesis® 3 Month Maximum Value Kit, you will be able to ascertain your results objectively and demonstrably. Your HairGenesis® 3 Month Maximum Value Kit is built around carefully constructed natural treatments for hair loss and is made to be able to work within a three month period of time.

This is why your kit comes complete with three full months of our latest Generation 7 Oral Tablet formula, three months of Trichoceutical® Activator Serum, three months (2 highly concentrated units) of Trichoceutical® Shampoo, and three months (1 even more highly concentrated unit) of Trichoceutical Thickening Conditioner. By using these natural treatments for hair loss on a regular basis, you will achieve the maximum possible benefit.