6 Month Thickest Hair Kit

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To get the best possible benefit from your HairGenesis® 6 Month Thickest Hair Kit, it is important that you follow the usage instructions carefully. These natural treatments for hair loss have been designed to be used on a regular basis. Many clients find excellent results over the course of many years and even decades. One important suggestion is that you take baseline “before” photos of your hair. After using your HairGenesis® 6 Month Thickest Hair Kit natural treatments for hair loss you can take monthly follow up photos to assess the results you are achieving. By using these natural treatments for hair loss on a regular basis, you will derive the maximum possible benefit.

Additionally, and at no additional charge, you will receive two units each of Maximum Density Styling Mousse® and two units each of Instant Volume© Hair Fixative Spray. This combination constitutes the best possible combination of natural treatments for hair loss.