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Product type: Tablet

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Brand New HairGenesis® Female Formula Hair, Skin & Nails Oral Tablets have been designed to provide critical life support for thinning hair, aging skin & slow growing nails. Without delving into arcane skin physiology, it is perhaps most salient to observe that the skin and its ectodermal appendages (hair & nails) are susceptible to environmental, genetic and chrono-biologic (age related) insult — these each tend to decompensate as a person ages. Unlike androgen-modulated pattern hair loss, actual skin aging is thought to be influenced to a much greater extent by environment (sun exposure, diet, ROS-mediated pollutants and so on. Fingernail friability also tends to be strongly influenced by aging and genetics, however diet certainly plays a role as does environmental insult (e.g. smoking).

A unifying theme may be imagined by examining the published scientific research as certain phytochemicals appear to possess a positive modulatory benefit, phenotype by phenotype. For instance, in frank epithelial insult (e.g. sequelae associated with stoma) chamomile has shown quite remarkable utility when measured against the principle mainstream drug, cortisone. This is germane as the underlying pathology of stomal lesions involves many of the molecular pathways observed in “normal” late senescent skin aging.

Another phytochemical, curcumin has been shown to operate thru a mechanism linked to the ablation of the JAK STAT pathway which is critically implicated in certain profoundly debilitating alopecias, including alopecia totalis; Piperine, on the other hand, has noted activity as a potentiator of curcumin.

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) constitute a range of degenerative processes, including those affecting the dermal epithelia and its ectodermal appendages. We propose a synergy in ablating ROS via several canonical pathways. Here, we rely upon Angelica Sinensis, Eucommia Elmoides and Camellia Sinensis:

Inasmuch as photoaging affects sun-exposed skin over time, it is useful to deploy substances which have been shown to blunt and possibly reverse the progressive damage that inevitably occurs. Interestingly, recent data suggests that in females suffering hair loss a significant percentage of the assayed cohort reflected gross deficiency of this coenzyme.

In sum, the approach followed in developing our new Hair, Skin & Nails formula capitalizes upon the paradigm of positive mechanistic synergy coupled with enhanced, optimized drug delivery in order to provide a therapeutic bolus of demonstrable actives to the target tissues – systems & structures which would otherwise remain susceptible to the negative, cumulative effects of oxidative stress, systemic decompensation and senescent aging.