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For maximum clinical benefit, nothing beats HAIRGENESIS® – particularly when used in combination. This is because HAIRGENESIS® works both topically and systemically to get at the underlying biochemical and epigenetic triggers associated with common pattern hair loss in men and women. Deploying a unique, proprietary combination of potent 5 alpha reductase inhibitors, anti-inflammatory compounds and hair growth agonists, HAIRGENESIS® treats the cause of hair loss “at the root”. Since hair is considered an ectodermal appendage it is amenable to both local and systemic therapy. For obvious reasons therefore, HAIRGENESIS® has been designed to work focally via the maximum strength TrichoCeutical™ Serum as well as systemically via the powerful oral tablets. Finally, HAIRGENESIS® Generation VIII formulas use a remarkable nano-vector to deliver a potent bolus of the active composition exactly where it needs to go. Try one of the HAIRGENESIS® combination kits and you’ll soon see why HAIRGENESIS® has been the number 1 treatment against pattern hair loss since 1994!