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HAIRGENESIS® Oral Tablets can be thought of as a super hair vitamin.
Via a patent-pending formula, incorporating a novel combination of thioctic acid coupled with LSESr, betacyclodextrin and betasitosterol, new Generation VII HAIRGENESIS® Oral Tablets go where no hair loss treatment has gone before. This is because, based on newly published* research, HAIRGENESIS® has been shown to outperform benchmark drug finasteride in a series of University tested, basic science experiments. Other published** research shows that HAIRGENESIS® reduces inflammation in the hair follicle while blocking the negative effects of 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone. This one-two punch constitutes a unique dual-mechanism of activity in combating key features of hair loss pathology. For optimal results use HAIRGENESIS® Oral Tablets in combination with the highly potent, Generation VIII HAIRGENESIS® TrichoCeutical™ Activator Serum.