Trichoceutical™ Dry Shampoo




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Product type: Dry Shampoo

Vendor: HairGenesis




HairGenesis® BRAND NEW Trichoceutical® Dry Shampoo is a great ancillary product with a unique performance profile. Here’s what makes this dry shampoo product unique.

First, it is the only dry (no water needed) shampoo that provides a bolus of our proven, proprietary hair thickening formula. There simply is no other dry shampoo that also thickens hair!

Second, the product uses the same Instant Volume™ stacked reagent system which was originally incorporated into our Trichoceutical® Instant Volume™ hair spray styling product. So after a client uses the dry shampoo their hair is not just clean, but immediately feels a bit thicker as a result.

Third, and in contrast to almost every other dry shampoo, the composition has no negative effect on the health of the hair or scalp. Almost every other dry shampoo on the market can cause scalp irritation and actually contribute to hair loss!

Therefore, in sum, HairGenesis® Trichoceutical® Dry Shampoo is the perfect choice for busy people who are on the run and haven’t time or opportunity to wash their hair in the shower. It’s great for travelers. It’s ideal for use after a run or workout. And it is easy to use, fast, and not in the least bit messy to apply. Our new dry shampoo removes gunk and oil buildup, refreshes the scalp, leaves the hair feeling fuller, contributes to the hair thickening benefit derived from using the primary HairGenesis® treatment regimen, and is therefore offers highly unique benefits from several vantage points.