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HairGenesis® Hair Thickening Hair Spary

An exciting new companion piece recently added to the HairGenesis® armamentarium, the Instant Volume© Hair Spray is the one to use for maximum lift any time you need your hair to look its best. Contained in a 3.7 oz / 110 mL bottle, and designed to be used as often as one wishes, HairGenesis® Instant Volumeâ„¢ Hair Spray makes any day a “Good Hair Day”.

Combining state-of-the-art Trichoceutical® technology into an easy to apply styling mist, the new hair thickening hair spray, HairGenesis® Instant Volume© Hair Spray utilizes the same proprietary active composition that makes HairGenesis® the leader in the hair treatment category. Now you may confidently rely on our proprietary hair thickening hair spray to protect your hair while making it look its absolute best — any time — every time!



Usage Instructions

Apply as you would any normal, commercially available hair spray. Readily water soluble and may be rinsed or shampooed out at one’s discretion

Indications and Description

A scientifically formulated natural instant volume hair spray designed to be used as a styling aid and also in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. This formulation may be used as needed to add instant volume and control to thinning hair.

Reviews (1)

1 review for Instant Volume® Hair Spray

  1. Darlene U.

    I noticed that my hair stopped coming out very shortly after I started using HairGenesis. I also noticed that my hair has gotten thicker as well. I am very happy that I am seeing these results in this short period of time

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Instant Volume® Hair Spray


Based on proprietary technology developed in partnership with research collaborators, our brand new HairGenesis® Instant Volume Hair Spray helps you get the look you want right now. Safe, gentle, yet highly effective, this product is a ‘must have’ for those who demand the best look possible.

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