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Terms & Conditions

Your HairGenesis™ hair loss treatment regimen has been carefully designed to offer maximum benefit in the safest and most time efficient manner possible. In order to get the most out of these products it is very important that you closely adhere to the hair loss treatment regimen as directed herein.

Before You Begin Treatment

Before initiating HairGenesis® therapy please read the directions on the side of each bottle and apply or consume product in accordance with the instructions. Failure to use the product specifically in accordance with the directions may cause an undesirable outcome. Do not consume or apply more than the recommended daily amount. Do not use HairGenesis® product in combination with any other hair treatment product as doing so will void the satisfaction guarantee.

HairGenesis™ products have been found to be safe if used in accordance with the instructions. However, if you notice any undesirable side effect (e.g. unusual scalp itching) you are encouraged to immediately discontinue use, consult your primary care provider and contact our Consumer Relations Department via

When To Expect Results

HairGenesis™ products have been proven to be effective in arresting hair loss and promoting fuller, thicker hair growth in a large percentage of those persons experiencing common pattern hair loss, but only when used as directed. Compared with almost any other product line in the category, HairGenesis® offers an extremely generous satisfaction policy. However, HairGenesis™ is unable to make any warranties or guarantees as to the outcome of your course of treatment. Qualifying customers are solely limited to a refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling, as further specified herein.

Although in some individual clients positive clinical results have been achieved in as little as two to four weeks most persons respond within 3 months of treatment. It is therefore strongly recommended that you obtain and archive monthly photos of the hair loss area beginning with treatment day zero. In this way you can create a reasonably objective record of the benefit HairGenesis is providing over time. Please feel free to forward these photos to and our expert personnel will be happy to assist you in assessing the progress of your results.

In the event that you have questions or concerns regarding diet, dosage, shelf life, or other matters. you are encouraged to contact the HairGenesis™ Consumer Relations

Hotline via e-mail at International clients may also e-mail questions to Be assured you may expect a prompt & courteous reply in a timely fashion.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions of a scientific or medical nature, please e-mail them to This e-mail address goes directly to the research division of HairGenesis™. Our product development team places great value on these matters and will make sure that you receive a prompt response to any and all such inquiries.

Domestic USA Product Returns Policy & Returns Procedure

Your HairGenesis® treatment regimen has been designed to achieve maximum benefit in a wide variety of persons affected by common pattern hair loss. Most customers of HairGenesis® report that they are extremely satisfied with their results and the return rate for HairGenesis® is significantly less than 1%. Although it usually takes at least ninety days to see visibly thicker hair, customers typically report a reduction in hair loss within 30 – 60 days. Thus, if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied simply return your product within 90 days for a *full refund — no questions asked.

For product returns please follow the steps noted below

First, simply return all used and unused product, including all empty bottles and the original receipt to the address listed below. To successfully process your refund it is necessary that we receive back all bottles shipped for a number of reasons, not least of which so that we may ensure that you have consumed the product in accordance with the usage instructions. Please print your original order number on the outside of the return carton.

We are not responsible for damaged or lost returns. Shipping charges incurred in returning product, if any, are not refundable. A return authorization is valid for one purchase per household. Any past product return voids any potential future refunds on the subsequent purchase of Hair Genesis products. Failure to follow our terms and conditions shall void the product guarantee. In order to assure proper credit for returned product, all returned material must be postmarked and sent within 10 days of RA# issuance to the following address:

c/o Specialty Fulfillment Center Inc

3 – 17th Avenue

South Nampa, Idaho


International Commerce

HairGenesis® greatly values our customer base, both domestically within the United States as well as to customers purchasing HairGenesis® worldwide. This is evidenced by the fact that approximately one third of long term HairGenesis® clients are domiciled outside of the United States. Additionally, and as a courtesy to our international clientele, HairGenesis® offers FREE Shipping for all international orders over $200.

International Purchase Product Returns & Policy

As offered to domestic USA-based clients, HairGenesis® extends a very generous 90 Day Satisfaction Policy to our international customers. If at any time during the first 90 days after purchase, you are dissatisfied with your product purchase simply return all used and unused portions along with the shipping invoice to:

c/o Specialty Fulfillment Center Inc

3 – 17th Avenue

South Nampa, Idaho


International Policy Regarding Delayed, Misdirected or Lost Shipments

As a general rule, shipments of HairGenesis® to international destinations arrive in a timely and commercially appropriate manner. Nevertheless, due to numerous factors entirely beyond our company’s control, when HairGenesis® product is purchased and shipped to an international destination, we cannot and will not be held responsible for its loss, mis-delivery or other shipping mishaps or difficulties. To ease the burden of such risk, we are aware that numerous third-party insurance providers can and do provide cost effective insurance to protect international customers in the event of such misfortune. Though we do not recommend any specific company, nor are we affiliated with such providers, we include the following link as a starting point for those wishing to learn more about the options available:

We thank you in advance for your kind patronage of HairGenesis® and trust that your experience as a client will mirror the positive experience many thousands of others have enjoyed throughout our more than twenty-five years we’ve been a leader in the industry. For more information on any subject related to HairGenesis® please feel free to contact us via