Using the comparison chart below we challenge you to find any real advantage offered by the leading hair loss treatment brands over HairGenesis®.

Why Buy HairGenesis®? “The Natural Hair loss Treatment”

Compare HairGenesis® to the drug-based hair loss treatment options.

Rogaine© has been shown to reverse hair loss but only through a single mechanism of action. Propecia© is an oral drug that works systemically, but again, operates through a single mechanism. HairGenesis® has been successfully tested under the same placebo-controlled double blind research used to validate drugs, but unlike the drug based choices HairGenesis® has also been shown to work through a dual (double) mechanism of action.

Compare HairGenesis® to the non-drug based hair loss treatment options.

It is important because pattern hair loss is caused by more than one single factor. Thus, by addressing the multiple factors thought to be involved in the onset and progression of the disorder, the likelihood of a better clinical outcome is greater. Moreover, HairGenesis® has an excellent track record for safety. Unlike the drug-based treatment choices, HairGenesis® presents no known negative side effects.

Why is this important?

Nioxin© is a good product line, and, to our knowledge does not appear to have been linked to negative side effects. In fact, to our knowledge none of the leading non-drug hair treatment brands have been linked to negative side effects. However, neither have they demonstrated safety and efficacy under FDA regulated, IRB monitored, placebo-controlled, double blind conditions.


It is important for the same reason it’s important that an antibiotic, or any other medicine is validated by third-party critical analysis. Would you take an antibiotic without scientific medical proof of safety and efficacy? Of course not? So why would you trust the health of your hair to a product that hadn’t been proven under the same stringent conditions?

Either your hair is important to you or it’s not. If it is important than you owe it to yourself to select for product formulations that are proven to work, yet free from negative side effect. Choose wisely. Choose HairGenesis®